Thursday, 23 March 2017

Flipping marvellous...

A quick update from Rowan Class.
Here are a few pictures from our Pancake Day celebrations.  We turned our role play area into a Pancake Cafe and the children have had a whale of a time using it to practise their waiting-on skills, writing menus, taking orders, using coins to pay for their orders etc.
Welcome to our Pancake Cafe...

How to order your pancake...

Creating our own special menus...
 We practised this rhyme to help us remember how to make a pancake!

After that we made our own pancakes and had a tasting session to see which toppings we liked the best.  Here are some of our little munchkins enjoying their pancakes...

During our celebrations we found a really funny story which you can listen to if you click on the link below.  

We would love you to leave us a comment telling us which part of the story you enjoyed the most.

Best wishes 
Miss D xXx

Friday, 17 February 2017

We're off to build a teddy bear... it's going to be a great one!

On Monday Rowan Class boarded a bus and ventured out on a big adventure! 

We went to Build a Bear in Telford and made the most fantastic bear a class could wish for.  

We would like to thank Build a Bear in Telford for their generosity in donating the bear and it's accessories.  We would also like to say a big 'Thank You' to those parents who donated towards the cost of the coach, and to our two parent helpers.  

Here is a little snapshot of the fun had by the children, choosing and making their bear (a dog called Rex).

Miss Daley just needs to buy him a bag, a dog bed, and a toothbrush and then he'll be ready to head home for a weekend with one of our Rowan Class Superstars.  

Monday, 6 February 2017

Last week we were mostly...

We brought in a toy from home
As you know, our topic this half term is Toys.  We have been having a great time over the last five weeks looking at lots and lots of different toys, some of which have been brought in from home. 

Last week we finished making our puppets.  It has taken us two weeks to design and plan them, to work out what materials we would need and how to join those materials together.  After lots of thinking and talking and making here they are...
Our Fabulous Puppets ! 

Last week we also looked at old toys and new toys, we talked about what materials they are made from, and how they are decorated.  We even sorted some toys according to their properties.   

Zoe has kindly brought in her Dad's beloved teddy bear.  As you can see he has been well loved over the years...

This week we will be looking at how toys work - we shall be pushing them and pulling them, lifting them, squishing them, twisting and winding them, and throwing and catching them(if appropriate).  It should be quite interesting for both us and the children!

If you have any interesting toys (old or new) please let us know as we would love to borrow them (they can stay with Miss Daley for safekeeping!).

Bye for now 
Miss D xxx

Monday, 30 January 2017

Happy New Year - Chinese Style

Chinese New Year 2017 main

Last week we learnt about the Chinese New Year.  This year it is the year of the Rooster.  Rowan Class have had great fun turning their role play area into a Chinese restaurant and they also made some Chinese style lanterns and some Chinese dragon puppets.

We learnt about the Chinese traditions associated with the New Year and we talked about how they are the same / different to our traditions at home.

You too can learn about Chinese New Year by clicking here :  Chinese New Year with Abbie

In Maths we focussed on money.  We looked at the value of our coins and drew around them to make a 'Money Man', we did some coin rubbings, and we made little red envelopes which the Chinese use to give money to their children!  We are hoping that Miss Daley remembers to fill the envelopes with money before she lets us take them home!

In Literacy we have been learning about how the Chinese years came to be named after animals.  We watched this video : Chinese Zodiac Animal story.  In Wellie Wednesday we pretended to be some of the animals and we had a race on the field.  Then we practised standing in the right order and saying our ordinal numbers.

It has been an interesting week with lots of great discussion about festivals and how they are celebrated.  We really enjoyed a 'show and tell' from Erin who went to Manchester at the Weekend and saw some of their Chinese New Year celebrations.  Here are some of her lovely photos and thank you to Erin's Mum who kindly bought a Chinese lantern for us to display in our classroom.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Disco Fever

Disco Digital Art - Disco Fever by Nina Bradica

We all had a great time at the School disco last night.  
There was plenty of drinking (squash) and dancing and everyone was very well behaved. 
Well Done Rowan Class - you are my little superstars.  

Here we are just about to go and party ....

All that remains is to say Happy Christmas to one and all. 
We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. 

Very Best Wishes 
Team Rowan 
(Miss Daley, Mrs Carter, Mrs Brookfield and Mr. Smith)

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Some photos from our Christmas Play

Thank you so much to all the adults who came  along to watch our Christmas play - "Christmas Counts".  We hope you enjoyed it and here are some of the group photos taken at the end of our dress rehearsal...
Our Wise Men, Wise Ladies and Camels
Our inn-keepers
Our census takers
Our outspoken narrators

Our baa-eutiful shepherds

Thank you again for being a supportive audience, and a HUGE well done to the children.  It was a fantastic display of their dedication and determination.

We are so proud of them, as i'm sure you are too!

Miss D xXx

Friday, 9 December 2016

Plays and Pantomimes - oh yes it was!

This week we have been extremely busy...

We started our week with a fantastic performance of our Christmas play 

It was lovely to see lots of parents and grandparents in the audience and the children were so excited for you to see them perform after all their hard work and practise.  We hope you enjoyed it. 

Yesterday we accompanied the whole school on a trip to Oakengates Theatre.  Once again our excitement levels went through the roof as we got to board a coach and travel with the Year 6 children to see the pantomime of Sleeping Beauty - Oh Yes We Did! 

Sleeping Beauty

This morning we donned our Christmas costumes one more time to show off our own performing skills with another performance of Christmas Counts.  All the children did really well, remembering their lines, the songs and the actions.  We were really proud of them, as I'm sure you were too!

Hopefully we'll all have a quiet and restful weekend so we can re-charge our batteries ready for next week.  

Miss D xXx